The Good Stuff

Oh, I’ve written lots of bad and boring stuff too, but here’s some of the stuff that I’m actually proud of. If you want to know about what this weblog has to say, read this stuff. This page will be updated continuously.

First, the very best. These are the writings that meant the most to me (but might not mean anything to you).

Another Day, Another Bug Hunt (long)
The Last Big Step
On Newfoundland Time (long)
We Should Never Forget
Welcome Back Doctor (long)
The Amazing 27th Season of Doctor Who
The Holy War
The Fair-Use Universe
The Fear (originally written Sep. 2001)
Why Hollywood Movies Suck
The Leader I Would Vote For
the fair idea
My Big, Bad Battlestar Galactica Post
The Audit
Switching to Linux (long)
Goodbye Old Friend
Protecting Canada From Bad Copyright Law: A Letter To My MP (there’s also a part 2 and part 3)

Photo posts! I have been known to take the odd photograph.

The Burned Mainboard
Hard Drives Old and New
The Secure Wipe
Fried Drive
scratch this
leaf and tire
You’ll Do Anything To Protect Your Kids
This is cobolhacker modding a PC
I used to be in a band
Athlon-Sonata Build
If you’re going to do grafitti, do it right
The Rock
Aristotle, our print server
Stratford By Night (I didn’t take these, but they are fantastic photos)
Filth Again
Dead Mainboard Pile
A random picture of me (that’s what I look like. really.)

Recipes! I’ve been known to cook edible food.

The Meatloaf
The Roman Caesar Salad

Other good stuff: quality writings of mine that said what they needed to say, but I’m not quite so attached to.

Rants on industry specific software
f fff f f ff fff ff
The Broken Patent System (long)
A Good Mod Makes An Old Case Better (long)
Notes on the Successful LANbash
Bloggers, The People of the Year
Hangover Haiku
Minnesota Is Trying To Hack Me
My Open Letter to America
You Should Keep A Backup
I like academics less by the day
a problem faced by open source
Where is the COBOL?
More About Donnie Darko (long)
Grond Gets Another Kill
where the schools failed (long)
Coffee and Message Segmentation (long)
the parking nazi
The Starshot (long)
what He said (read the comments too; my defence of the post is better than the post itself)
search assistant
we won’t match prices
Lies About Damage From Piracy
Genuine Disadvantage
The Slowing of Progress (long)
the smoking ban
when cats go bad
genuine disadvantage
DRM Is Coming and you’re not going to like it. (long)
What is a Blog
The Tipping Point
U.K. Horror Triple Bill
But you are getting wet!
The Tipping Point
neck pain hurts! how about that!
may the sauce be with you
The Worry Over Unilateral Internet Control (long)
Why I Hate the iPod
Canadians Contemplate Nuclear Power
The reserved stool
the replacement me
Data Critical
Drunks and Comps
Norton Makes An Old Machine Slow
Ten Good Free Software Programs
The Screw is the thing
How to Get Rid of WGA Notifications
Why IT Certs Don’t Mean Squat
RMA Disrespect
Who’s Under There?
What Does The Money Pay For?
Going South (long)
Three guys, three girls and a ditch
The Future of Computing
The Killer NIC Won’t Improve Your Game
Fighting in Afghanistan
Network Neutrality: where analogies fail (not my post, but I offer some spirited defence of it)
Small Steps In Programming
The Mozilla Brand and Why It’s Not Wrong


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