The Bleeding Cop

I have this nightmare every now and again.

It’s night and I’m fooling around with a telescope down by the visitor centre by the river. The moon is full and the sky is clear. The telescope is not mine, it was just set up there. It’s also not calibrated properly so I’m trying to fix it so I can look at the moon. A bicycle policeman shows up.

He’s friendly, I explain that the scope is not mine, but I was trying to fix it, wasn’t trying to steal it. He accepts this answer and suggests we pack it up and take it to the station and call the owner, though I don’t know how he could know that. We start to break down the scope and pack it up in its bag.

I notice his right hand is cut in a number of places and bleeding. Hey, you’re bleeding, mate. I’m dressed as I usually do at work, so I pull out a shop towel out of my right top pocket and give it to him. He puts it on the wounds. The towel is quickly soaked in blood. He looks puzzled and in distress.

The blood starts to really gush out and soon he is bleeding from previously unseen cuts everywhere. He falls to his knees and I try to help him but his body quickly falls apart into a bloody pile surrounded by his gear and uniform. I can feel the blood soaking into my pants and clothes.

Then I wake up from the nightmare.  No idea what it means.

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