Festival Hydro Stole My Sharpie

Getting back from a very physical job I’m tired and find a Festival Hydro truck parked in my spot. Great. It means two things: I now have to park in someone else’s spot and that there is probably something fucked with the electricity in the building. I see this older electrician dude.

“What is broken?”

“Oh nothing, I’m just changing the meters to a new smart ones. I’m about to do this ‘Chamber of Commerce’ one next,” he said.

Chris, the Xerox guy (yes, his office is in the electrical room), looks bored.

“That’s mine, actually. They haven’t been here in 10 years. Before you drop it let me open the shop and turn off a few things.”

He agrees to this so I do it and tell him. Meter gets changed. Afterwards, the electrician suggests that we put proper names on all the cabinets. He asks for a marker so I give him the one I keep in my right breast pocket and tell him to drop it off at the shop when he’s done.

I went back and slogged in my chair. 10 minutes later I realize that the guy has not returned so I go to rear hallway and the truck is gone.

“Chris? That guy left?”

“Yeah. Why? He went to see you, yeah?”

“No he didn’t. He just stole my Sharpie! You don’t do that to a guy.”

Grrr. That marker and I had a lot of good times together. I have plenty of other sharpies, but loosing that one was like loosing a friend. So Festival Hydro – you owe me a new Sharpie!


(no worries hydro guy, I’ve got plenty more markers).

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