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so you need a comp on the cheap? yeah. i’ve got a decent one here for 150. athlon xp 2400. good condition. fixed it up nicely. no no no i’m looking for 50. something that can run windows xp. uhh, … Continue reading

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Astroturfing on Bill C-32?

Interesting article at the Torontoist about how public opinion surrounding Bill C-32 is being Astroturfed. Seems the editors discovered a surprising amount of uniformity with pro-copyright comments and eventually discovered they are originating at a pro-copyright website almost certainly run … Continue reading

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Digital image nerds will recognize this one. I found it while looking through a bunch of old diskettes (yes I am that old).  Pretty girl with dark hair, big eyes and a hint of a smile, trying out a boa … Continue reading

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the girl on the phone

hello? are you mr robert young? sure. i’m calling for **** ******* and i’m pleased to tell you that you have qualified for a free cell phone. my lucky day. but i already have one. with your employers, actually. oh. … Continue reading

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