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G20 Protests Get Ugly

Gosh, whoever would have thought that would happen?! The CBC wouldn’t let me post this comment… not surprised. Violence I don’t agree with, but it could be that some of these protesters are angry about the order of the world … Continue reading

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The Shit Machine

My bank raised my interest rates today. Our contract lets them do this. I don’t owe them all that much money but it’s the principle of the thing. Interest rates are at an all time low. Bank profits are at … Continue reading

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New Zealand is Toast :(

Ah well, the All Whites just got booted from the World Cup. Still, they forced Italy, Slovakia and Paraguay down to draws (and Italy got booted too, good riddance). Not too shabby for a national team who many felt shouldn’t … Continue reading

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New Zealand Holds Its Own Against Italy

There are a lot of Italian football fans asking themselves some hard questions about the performance about their squad today. New Zealand, like Canada, is considered a pipsqueak when it comes to the beautiful game and by any account the … Continue reading

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Content of the Tweet

I really can’t remember where I originally found this, but I found it lurking on the desktop of my computer. It’s a chart from a study to determine the typical content of a Twitter post. It also occurred to me … Continue reading

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More of the Fence

Nothing says ‘freedom’ like a big tall fence running through your town. That can’t be convenient.

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Afghanistan: Fighting for money is the wrong thing

The tin-foil hat types have been going on about Afghanistan for years. The U.S. is there so a pipeline can be built, there is gold in them there hills, etc, etc… I’d taken a contrary view, seeing the mission there … Continue reading

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