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On Why Creationists Are Full Of It

I went to Sunday school.  I own a Bible and have read it cover to cover.  I don’t believe in God. Creationists are quite arrogant, in a lot of ways, very insulting to their own faith. Even if you do … Continue reading

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My solution to Summitgate

The G8/G20 summit is quickly becoming one of the most expensive meet-and-greets in history. I’m not an expert, but hosting anything like this in Toronto is the stupidest thing you can imagine, from a security standpoint. A city of millions, … Continue reading

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Bob the Organic Farmer

Around every May 24, I plant my crops, like many do in Canada.  I don’t plant enough to feed a family, but I plant certain foods the purity of which I prize.  I grow herbs all around my house; oregano, … Continue reading

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one of the problems with nice weather is that people think less about their computer and more about other things so as a result, i’ve been kicking around the shop, rather bored. yesterday the phone rings and someone has a … Continue reading

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The engine of hatred

The closer you get to blindly accepting dogmatic beliefs in anything, the closer you’re going to get to hating those who disagree.  Faith isn’t the problem, it’s religion.  Religion is like nitrous oxide in the engine of hatred. thought it … Continue reading

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Will We Collapse the Global Economy?

I’m kind of curious to see if the whole world will become screwed up because of a system humans created to shift wealth around.  The global economic system is obviously quite fragile, particularly if a simple typing error by some … Continue reading

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I love my ISP

Try doing that with Rogers or Bell.  The only reason it’s not going faster is because the old kit I use simply can’t go any faster.  When Mornington said “unlimited” they weren’t lying.

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