The Media Industry is Coming to Get You

Well that’s not anything new.  But this time around, they want you to install software that scans your computer for ‘infringing content’, sort of like anti virus software.

Oh, it gets better.  They want to make it illegal for you to not have this software.

Now some who might read this, may be inclined to say, “Relax, Bob, you live in Canada.  Those are crazy American laws.”

ACTA is coming.  It may soon be illegal for Canada to not keep its copyright laws in sync with the U.S.  Guess we’ll see on the 21st.  It’s not like anyone really knows that much about the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement because all our various governments have been negotiating the thing in secret.  There is no global oversight.  No public consultation.  The WTO and the WIPO are not involved.  The UN is not involved.

To me, the reason for this secrecy is obvious.  The public don’t want brutal IP laws, so you disguise it as a trade agreement and don’t tell anyone until you’re ready to legislate.  That way no one’s government gets brought down in the meantime.  You can bet your bippy that the agreement will include punishing sanctions for any nation who grows a pair and wants out of it.  In this way, it doesn’t matter if angry voters kick out a government who passes the actual law in their country.  Here’s a great quotation:

Acta will not interfere with a signatory’s ability to respect its citizens’ fundamental rights and liberties.

The whole point of it is to curtail some of your rights and liberties.

Here’s a stock tip.  Invest in companies which build prisons.  I suspect a lot more of them are going to be needed in the coming years.

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