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Why Earth Hour is Bad for the Environment

Sure there symbolism to it, but the reality is such a move might be bad for the environment. Just for fun, I actually cut power to my entire house. Flipped off the main breaker. Not long after, it occurred to … Continue reading

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Exploded View, part 2

Here’s another disassembled laptop for your enjoyment. This is the same laptop where the service manual warns you of potential death. Hours of quiet pleasure were required to perform the 90% disassembly to get to the system fan. Interestingly, the service … Continue reading

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Dell Says Fixing Laptops is Dangerous

I’m not so sure if I want to fix this Inspiron now that I know that death is one of the possibilities if I screw up.

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Why users don't care about computer security

I just found and interesting article about why users don’t tend to follow security advice. The article sums it up nicely, though you can dive into the actual research paper too if you like, it’s quite insightful. Basically, users don’t … Continue reading

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Sexy GPU

Now that’s sexy. Why have one fan when you can have two?

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Beaker killed my computer

You know, the Muppet with the red hair who only says, “memememememememe?” So corny was the video of Beaker singing “Ode To Joy”, that my CPU decided to commit suicide halfway through.  I shit you not.  The box crashed and … Continue reading

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Icelanders say 'no'.

Apparently Great Britain and the Netherlands want the people of Iceland to cover their deposits in failed Icelandic banks to the tune of 5.3 billion dollars.  This would require every person in Iceland to pay a sum to foreign banks … Continue reading

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