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random post #805

this is incomplete, wrote it, forgot about it, etc… i thought i’d throw it out there because it made me laugh. Most Canadians live within 300km from the US border.  We literally huddle as close to America as we can … Continue reading

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25 percent

its a weird thing really, waking up one day and not having part of you function. the radial nerve controls a number of things in the arm and one of the things it does is it allows the wrist to … Continue reading

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Got to watch those Facebook posts

One should always be careful of what one posts to Facebook because various financial interests are looking too and intend to use it against you. In this case, a woman on disability for depression had benefits cut by a private … Continue reading

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Where are you Brianna Bell? – updated

Brianna Bell, I’m only related to you by marriage, In fact, I’ve never really spoken to you, or even given a shit about you, but family is family.  You don’t argue with the reasons for it. I don’t care why … Continue reading

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Bren Gun Girl

Veronica “Ronnie” Foster poses with a Bren gun she just finished making at the John Inglis factory in Toronto.  She doesn’t look so glamorous in this publicity photo, but Ronnie was attractive and her image was used as a morale … Continue reading

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Never go to war without cold drinks…

…because blowing up insurgent strongholds is thirsty work.

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Bacon Fried Rice

I remember hearing once about this, so I figured I’d give it a try.  Fried rice is the easiest stuff in the world to make; with the added magic of bacon, what could go wrong? Bacon Fried Rice version 1.0 … Continue reading

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