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The Tradesman

My buddy calls me up and tells me about this wiring contract he’s doing.  He and his boss had been at it for days wiring up a four floors worth of building, but his boss had been called away to … Continue reading

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Star Trek Review

James Tiberius Kirk is born on a lifeboat fleeing from the destruction of the USS Kelvin by some giant, mysterious Romulan ship.  The captain of the ship, Nero, has come back in time and has one goal: make the Federation … Continue reading

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The Passion of the Slash Now that’s a passion for punctuation. But like the author, one of the things that drives me bonkers is when people refer to the slashes in a website URL as a backslashes.  They are not.  They are properly called … Continue reading

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Exploded View

This one is for you Rob. This is an LG P1 Express Dual – in bits.  To gain access to the affected part required around 95% disassembly.  The little silver jars are where I’m storing the some 60 screws that … Continue reading

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The Turning of the Seasons

I was watching a Christmas special from this show I recently discovered from New Zealand.  Some of the characters in the show have this tradition of going down to the beach for Christmas.  It struck me as odd at first, … Continue reading

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OK Greenpeace, tell me what your solution is Greenpeace is at it again.  I’m not a hater, but I don’t see what occupying a refinery site accomplishes. I’m a miserly energy consumer.  I don’t drive a big car, I keep the thermostat at 20 in the winter … Continue reading

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