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How Money Caused The Swine Flu

Let’s breakdown the whole swine flu thing, because it is an interesting study is mass hysteria, but also a ominous problem with the way our society has become organized. I’ll bet working at the WHO pays solid money.  So if … Continue reading

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How To Configure Your Router For Bittorrent

In this post, I’m going to tell you how to configure your router and computer for maximum bittorrent speed. Why Bittorrent? Bittorrent is a most efficient and widely used peer-to-peer protocol.  There are a number of client programs which utilize … Continue reading

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The Crime Scene Cleaners

Remember that scene in Kill Bill where the Bride kills all of the Crazy 88s with her katana?  Ever wondered who would clean that up afterwards?  I have found those people.  They even have a picture gallery (not for the … Continue reading

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Opening and Converting a Thunderbird .mab file

I just found a cool little utility called Dawn which can open and convert Thunderbird .mab files. The history: To get a personal address book from one copy of Thunderbird to another is to export it as a LDIF file … Continue reading

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the craving

So what are you doing? Nothing.  Reading the news. I thought you were working on that quote. I was, until they called and backed out.  They don’t have the money.  So I’ve basically wasted the entire morning. You look hungry. … Continue reading

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Outrageous Fortune Review

Cheryl West has a problem.  The primary breadwinner in her family is about do four years in prison for burglary.  She always knew it could be a potential problem, given her husband’s line of work, she knew it when she … Continue reading

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The walls are close today. Ever had one of those days when you’re really nervous about something but you don’t know what? Need to write.

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