“I’m so content being a man that I would miss the clanging of my balls.”

— William Shatner

Apparently famous people say stuff like that.

I just finished reading The Encyclopedia Shatnerica, a hilarious and revealing compilation of all things William Shatner.  The last word in Shatnerology, you can learn all about the crappy B-movies and other wacky stuff Shat did after the Star Trek TV series, as well as why pretty well all of his co-stars hated him (not just George Takei). The book isn’t always cruel; it cuts out the snark when talking about Shatner’s third wife (who tragically drowned in their pool) and praises his award-winning work on Boston Legal as the batty Denny Crane.

I’ve never met William Shatner but he seems like a fascinating guy, someone with a whole bunch of stories to tell.  I’m not likely to ever get a chance to talk to him, but this book is the next best thing.

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2 Responses to Shatnerica

  1. Puke Black says:

    Shatner is in town for the Docfest opening (, so there is hope after all. Personally not a big Kirk fan, but dammit, if Ben Folds doesn’t appeal to the gangsta white boy in me (his rendition of Bitches Ain’t Shit by Snoop Dogg is awesome…it would only be made better if Felicia Day was doing backing vocals)

  2. Marcy says:

    You can keep with your tradition of missing him by 10 minutes after he leaves Indigena.
    That would be what – five times now?

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