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Goodbye Plato

Today we are gathered to honour a truly outstanding computer, Plato. The decision was made that Tzu would do nothing else except be a file server so a new workstation was needed.  Plato was first activated in 1998, the fourth … Continue reading

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Booting Fedora from a USB flash drive the easy way

And the easy way is Liveusb-creator.  Forget doing it with the shell.  You tell the thing to “take this live ISO and put it on this here flash drive.”  It even kindly leaves any original files on the flash drive … Continue reading

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at least i'm not fat

i stepped on to a scale today for the first time in around five years. no idea how accurate it is but that bastard said i was 160 pounds. i haven’t been that light in ten years.  probably explains why … Continue reading

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You'll Miss Vista

Years from now, when you’ve moved on to Windows 7, you’ll look back at Windows Vista fondly. This from an executive at Microsoft.  Like the author of the post, my first thought was, “Oh, so Windows 7 is going to … Continue reading

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my new plate

Being Friday, I decided to treat myself to some Chinese food since I haven’t done that in a while.  Walk down the street to Gene’s, where the phrase ‘Dinner For One’ is really a codeword for ‘Dinner For One Plus … Continue reading

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My Question To Shona Holmes

I remember long ago having to drive a buddy to the hospital because he had hit his head on the edge of a table and was bleeding like a stuck pig.  The hospital waiting area was like a Terry Gilliam … Continue reading

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Ahh, Luna… will we ever be together again?

I know a couple who were with each other for a while, but now live on opposite sides of the planet.  They’re together to this day, just not physically.  Kind of like humanity’s relationship with the moon.  You can talk … Continue reading

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