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Learning the Hack Young

The road to aquiring mad skillz begins at an early age, even if it is only to make video games play better. Advertisements

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The floppy that will not die

Stop 0x0000007B. Oh dear, Windows Setup needs a third party RAID driver.  I guess poor old setup doesn’t know what to do with the little RAID controller in a modern Intel ICH10R I/O controller.  The solution is easy:  begin the … Continue reading

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Holy Jumping Bunnies!

Rabbit show jumping!  And here I thought people only did that with horses and dogs. Check out the action packed videos.  Bet your bunny can’t do that!

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Canadian government to spy on Internet usage, part 2

Downloaders were never mentioned by the minister regarding the privacy destroying bills C-46 and C-47 but here’s my reasoning why they are the real targets or will become the real targets. At first, what I thought the police were after … Continue reading

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Canadian government to spy on Internet usage

ISPs must help police snoop on Internet under new bill.  Headline says it all.  I really need to get better spies in government because they sneak this stuff up without telling anyone. Basically, Internet Service Providers will be required by … Continue reading

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the tropical paradise you can never visit

I found this while randomly bouncing around in Wikipedia. Diego Garcia is this picturesque island in the Indian Ocean, a relic of the Cold War and one of the control stations of the Global Positioning System.  The USAF and Royal … Continue reading

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video driver not found

“Yeah, I’ll put in the drivers for your old laptop.  Only $30.”  That seems like a fair price for maybe 15 minutes of work.  I’ll download and install the drivers the customer can’t figure out how to put in, he … Continue reading

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