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Where I Call Out the EU Over Canadian Seals

How odd is it, that our Governor General has sparked controversy by eating some raw meat.  Oh but wait, wasn’t just any old meat, it was seal meat.  To me, this isn’t even news.  It’s the GG doing the whole … Continue reading

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how to age 10 years in one second

that car isn’t going to stop. the clock is running.  i have around one second to come up with a solution.  otherwise my van is going to collide with a car that has just run through the stop sign right … Continue reading

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The smoke in the hallway

I’m in the shop but the door is closed and the front lights are off.  I do this sometimes when I have important telephone calls to make and don’t want to be disturbed. I get off the phone and hear … Continue reading

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No movie for you spaceman

I find this story funny.  I guess after doing this massive hack on the Hubble, the Shuttle astronauts found themselves with time to kill.  So they decided to watch movies on their laptops.  Only they couldn’t get them to work.  … Continue reading

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The End of African Aid

The CBC has a fascinating interview with economist Dambisa Moyo. Native to Africa herself, she argues in her new book that foreign aid is actually hurting Africa and rich Western nations should stop it.  For decades, she says, we’ve pumped … Continue reading

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Jamie Oliver, Food Activist

Jamie Oliver gets labelled brilliant and awful all at the same time.  I’ve never quite understood how a guy who attracts so many accolades for his work catches so much hate, too.  No matter what you think of him, one … Continue reading

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Fixing A Pothole With Limestone, Clay and Piss

So there’s this half metre pothole behind the shop where I park my van.  “You should get this fixed,” says the nice lady who often walks through the building to get coffee, “Someone might trip on it.”  Yeah… she’s a … Continue reading

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