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Whither Twitter?

Apparently Twitter has a hard time keeping users.  I am not surprised. I think the problem with Twitter, and the reason so many people leave it soon after signing up, is it requires too much attention to use it properly.  … Continue reading

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the fear you know

Let’s have a go at the media and the epidemic of fear. swine flu recession terrorists global climate change will a black hole eat the planet? will an asteroid smash the planet? crime disaster poisoned food horrors which aren’t even … Continue reading

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What is wrong with Palestine

When I think of children’s programming, I think of this.  When the government of Palestine dreams up children’s programming it’s a show like this.  All you need to know about Tomorrow’s Pioneers is contained in this line, said by a … Continue reading

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How Not To Be An Earth Day Loser

i’m sure the environmental types just love earth day losers like me.  this is the day we are all supposed to do a million acts of green in a futile attempt to save the planet from pollution, global warming, overpopulation, … Continue reading

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Mac has virus? Oh noes!

Mac users have long made fun of PC users because of all the security problems.  They can now drink a big tall glass of shut the hell up. Not the first virus to have ever been written for the Mac … Continue reading

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Human Quality Comes In Many Shapes

This is Susan Boyle on Britain’s Got Talent.  Just trying to help her out. 47-year-old Scot, dumpy looking, unfashionable, unmarried, lives with her cat.  Basically even worse than the gussied up 20-something talentless losers who tend to populate these things … Continue reading

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Pirate Bay Crew Found Guilty

Uh-oh.  Guess Sweden ain’t so free after all.

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