Galactica Death Watch, part 7

Battlestar Galactica is back for its final half season and the killin’ has resumed anew.

A while ago I predicted the death of a major supporting character, and sadly, I was eventually right.

In spite of the fact that the Earth turned out to be nothing more than a bombed out, useless planet, Dee finds a bit of comfort in the fact that her relationship with Lee is beginning to mend.  They go out for drinks.  She wishes him good night by her bunk, cheerfully says “Hi” to a sullen Gaeta, then pulls her sidearm out of her locker and shoots herself in the head.  She dies on the floor, in a pool of her own blood, while Gatea and Seelix helplessly try to do something.

No one knows why she did it, but maybe Dualla wanted to have it end while she still felt good, rather than suffer looking for the next ‘Earth’.  Bill Adama loved her like a daughter, even before she became his daughter-in-law, and her suicide sends the Admiral out of control.  He gets drunk out of his mind and it takes, if you can believe this, a relatively sober Tigh to talk him out of his own suicide.

Watching BSG is almost like watching a car accident, but it is so gripping and so visceral, that I can’t stop.

Poor Anastasia.  This is right up there with Cally’s swift and pointless death.

Update:  Oh, and as it turns out, Gaeta is bi. Watch the webisodes.

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3 Responses to Galactica Death Watch, part 7

  1. Auslander says:

    New webisodes…how did I not know about this? Must go watch, thanks for the heads up!

  2. cobolhacker says:

    Oh yeah. Turns out that Gaeta dislikes Cylons not just because Anders shot his leg off, but because his former lover was… malfunctional.

  3. kitty ramone says:

    Eeeep! I didn’t even realize BSG was airing again!

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