Even writing, I just can't win

Talk about your bad timing.

One of the little things I do to fight off the increasing insanity this world heaps on you is writing fiction.  Most of it does not wind up here, though every now and again I share the rough stuff.  One of my little projects over the last little while is an attempt to write a screenplay for a big screen version of Cowboy Bebop, quite possibly my favourite anime ever.  I have been smitten by it since I first saw it, and figured portions of it might be adaptable into a live action screenplay. My first movie length one, actually.  You may scoff, but the process is fun, and there is always the remote prospect of it being sold.

I figured pitching it would take a couple of years.  More than enough time since it takes Hollywood about 20 years to find good source material and Cowboy Bebop only came out in ’98.  I had the story basically set and was well into the first draft.  And then about an hour ago I discovered that someone has beaten me to it.  I should pay more attention to industry journals I guess.  Worse, they intend to cast Keanu Reeves as Spike Spiegel.  Arrrgh!  He ain’t right for the role.  Just not right.  I’m not sure who would be right, but it’s not him.  The fact that they have attached such a big name to the project sends off little warning bells in my head that say, “Suckage is imminent.”

Goddamnit!  I might as well press delete on this fucker, because there is no way anyone is going to option it now.

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