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Canine Ballistic Vest

This Canadian company makes bulletproof vests… for dogs. Reading some of their customer testimonials makes it clear just how dangerous it can be for a working dog: getting shot, stabbed with a pitchfork, burned with a Molotov cocktail, blown up … Continue reading

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Hero's Calling

If are you are curious, you can see what I might be like if I got the spelling, grammar and creativity genes from my parents.  And if I were a chick. My sister, Melanie Card, has decided to take the … Continue reading

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Galactica Death Watch, part 7

Battlestar Galactica is back for its final half season and the killin’ has resumed anew. A while ago I predicted the death of a major supporting character, and sadly, I was eventually right. In spite of the fact that the … Continue reading

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Obama, saying it like it is

The full text of Mr. Obama’s inaugural address can be found here.  One paragraph that really grabbed me was this one: We will not apologize for our way of life, nor will we waver in its defence, and for those … Continue reading

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Forgery as a Solution to the Economic Crisis

Big Bank bailed out again, blah, blah, blah… one has to wonder who is going to pay for it all. This gives me a great idea.  What if nobody does? Long ago, money was actually backed by something real, like … Continue reading

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Even writing, I just can't win

Talk about your bad timing. One of the little things I do to fight off the increasing insanity this world heaps on you is writing fiction.  Most of it does not wind up here, though every now and again I … Continue reading

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Cutting Wires

“I have no idea.  These boxes have been here since I started.” Two boxes of cat-5e cable have been sitting there for two months, the wires going up into the ceiling of the basement.  “I’m supposed to be fixing this … Continue reading

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