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How To Rename A Network Printer In Windows XP

One of the more maddening things that XP does, or rather doesn’t do, is allow you to rename a network printer (or more technically, change its ‘friendly’ name).  XP thinks it knows best and will have given the networked printer … Continue reading

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The Do Right Man

I haven’t added it up yet, but as much as 60 centimetres of snow has fallen in the last few days.  All up and down the street, people slowly labour to clean the snow from their driveways again.  The nice … Continue reading

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How To Set Up Sympatico Email With Thunderbird

Millions of Canadians use Bell Sympatico as their Internet Service Provider 😦 Going into detail about why that is bad is beyond the scope of this post, but two of the most maddening things about Sympatico is their use of … Continue reading

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I'm Fucking Matt Damon

If you have already enjoyed this hilarious meme, move along.  I’m writing it down so I don’t lose the links. One of the little jokes that Jimmy Kimmel often does when he ends his talk show is to thank everyone … Continue reading

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Muffins aren't toys

I have finally arrived as a parent.  I no longer make sense, even to myself. My youngest boy is three and has this thing for playing with water in the sink.  Normal thing for little boys to do, I figure.  … Continue reading

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*whack* *thump*

You hear the familiar *thump* of the pilot lighting up the burner and the happy rumbling of the valve assembly throttling up to full power.  Soon the fan, triggered by a thermal switch, kicks in and lovely warm air begins … Continue reading

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The Days of Anarchy

As of today, Canada, my home, has no government.* The Governor General granted Stephen Harper’s request to have parliament prorogued (suspended) until January.  This is different than the House of Commons simply taking a break.  They are not allowed now, … Continue reading

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