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What Happened At The End of The Lord of the Rings

Someone said to me, “You mean there is more at the end of The Lord of the Rings?”  You better believe it.  They had been watching Peter Jackson’s movies recently and being the Tolkien nerd that I am, I decided … Continue reading

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Obama Needs PGP

The Calgary Herald article says it all: Advisers are afraid the hand-held device could be compromised by hackers and will also put him at the mercy of public scrutiny rules. I guess the President-Elect is very fond of his BlackBerry … Continue reading

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Another day, another bailout

Industry minister Tony Clement is considering a joint Canada-U.S. automaker bailout plan.  I figured that this was coming.  The big three haven’t been doing well against the Asian car makers lately. My first thought was this is grossly unfair and … Continue reading

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because people suck

someone close to me got absolutely fucked over at her job today.  no real reason why, politics i guess.  it made me reflect on life in general, which always puts me in a foul mood. i cant give you the … Continue reading

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Your Flash Drive Smells Like Fruit

So I get a new Dell laptop in for a customer.  The customer had asked for a USB flash drive and the Dell folks were having a sale so I asked them to throw in an 8GB Patriot X-Porter mini. … Continue reading

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Obama as President: A Sense of Relief

I’ve been in a bit of a funk since the 40th Canadian Federal Election, mostly because the party I didn’t want to win, won.  But this morning, my spirits were lifted.  My pick for President of the United States, Barack … Continue reading

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Black Holes

Astronomer blogger Phil Plait has put up a fantastic article on black holes, as part of his ongoing “Ten Things You Didn’t Know” series (the rest of which is linked to in the introduction). Great stuff, great read.  Besides, if … Continue reading

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