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Cream of Mushroom Stew

Or, how to take a crap cut of meat and make it tasty.  It’s a classic slow cooker recipe that takes a while, but is the kind of thing you can start at lunchtime and eat at dinner on a … Continue reading

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Finnish E-Voting Machines 'Lose' Votes – Updated

The Finnish Ministry of Justice has reported that 232 voters ‘lost’ their votes because of a usability issue with electronic voting machines (the touchscreen type). I really don’t get electronic voting machines, or even mechanical ones.  I’ve never figured how … Continue reading

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i hate this job some days

i did off a job a number of months ago for a small business outside of town.  dead hard drive in their server.  got paid solid money to fix it on a saturday.  fixed it in less than an hour … Continue reading

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Figuring Out The Modern Family

Around Thanksgiving, my brother-in-law came by for a while and we talked.  He lamented about his stepdaughter having to spend holidays like this one with her biological father. He and his wife are madly in love and devoted to their … Continue reading

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You see chicks these days going around with Jackie Onassis themed sunglasses.  Apparently corduroy is coming back in (shudder).  I’ve been seeing more people with cravats, though perhaps they never went out of style. Programming, it seems, is not so … Continue reading

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The Google OS

A couple of months ago, Google unleashed a new toy for everyone to play with: Google Chrome.  It’s a web browser, similar to the open-sourced Mozilla Firefox, intended to replace software like Internet Explorer.  This is a pretty bold move … Continue reading

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Old Hardware vs Modern Video

It’s like crack for children.  In The Night Garden is a show for preschool children by the BBC.  I’ve never seen a show which so completely captivates a child, not even the Teletubbies.  I can only assume that massive amounts … Continue reading

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