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Possible Back Door in Skype

In case any one cares, it seems there might be a back door in Skype. The company has declined to expressly deny the allegations. At a meeting with representatives of ISPs and the Austrian regulator on lawful interception of IP … Continue reading

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What Does It Take To Be A Computer Technician?

I had someone ask me the other day about what it takes to be a computer technician.  She worked as some kind of job retraining person and was curious as to what kind of skills you needed to have.  People … Continue reading

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Conversation with the power supply

“Okay.  This is the bullshit.  What do you have to say for yourself?” … “You see, the reason this computer isn’t working now is because all of a sudden, for no good reason, you have stopped generating five volts of … Continue reading

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there are no chemicals in my chips

I’m eating some potato chips and I flip the bag over to have a look at the nutritional information on the back.  I do this now and again to guilt myself into not eating them.  Why else would they put … Continue reading

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What with all the press the evil Bill C-61 is getting, there is another nasty little bill out there the Conservatives are trying to sneak through: Bill C-51. It is a bill to amend the Food and Drug Act, it … Continue reading

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Microsoft + Children's Book = Wrong

Microsoft has got some curious new advertising brewing to promote their Windows Home Server product, one of those things they think that every home needs, but most homeowners have no frakking idea how to manage or use, let alone how … Continue reading

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Cell Phones Will Kill You

The CBC is reporting that the Toronto Department of Health has issued an advisory stating that young people should limit their cell phone use because of the risk of brain cancer.  You know… because we all need something more to … Continue reading

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