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A Human Life is Worth $384,000

Or that’s what Ian Usher got for his, after auctioning it off on Ebay. Usher said he wanted to start over after breaking up with his wife so he put it all up for sale: his possessions, house, car, motorcycle, … Continue reading

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The Prison

You literally train your entire life to do a thing and then you really get to do that thing.  It’s like a dream come true.  You tell yourself you are going to take take on the world, call your own … Continue reading

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Japan: Going After the Fat People

Do you suppose libertarians start off thinking that way or do they get made by the system? I’ve been having lots of anti-government thoughts lately… Apparently the government in Japan has passed some obesity laws.  Not obscenity, obesity.  Think about … Continue reading

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Mr. Kim's Sushi

I’m going to plug a local business in this post. If you’re in the Stratford downtown and looking for a decent snack without doing the whole restaurant thing, you could always give Mr. Kim’s a try. Mr. Kim runs a … Continue reading

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Wit is not dead, it’s just that most people aren’t witty. I go to this business maybe once a year to upgrade their accounting software and other refinements.  It’s a farm-related enterprise and everyone who works there is a guy … Continue reading

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Five Fast Things You Can Make With English Muffins…

…that are not breakfast related. They are seen by many as solely a breakfast food, but something like Bob’s Breakfast Sandwich is only one of the many things you can do with the humble English muffin. Here are some others … Continue reading

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Resources On Bill C-61

Before I leave the subject for a while, here are some links I’ve collected over the last little while that might assist anyone interested in understanding just how ugly Bill C-61 is and why it needs to be stopped. The … Continue reading

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