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The Evil That Is Wal-Mart

It’s nice to see that mainstream journalists are waking to the evil that is Wal-Mart. Well worth a read. I, for one, refuse to shop there. Won’t even set foot in the stores. It’s cynical of me, more than anything, … Continue reading

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The New Enterprise

No idea if this is the real deal or not, but Mr. Kukwa has just found my new background for me. It’s supposedly from the upcoming reboot of the Star Trek franchise due in 2009. Very sexy. I’ve been a … Continue reading

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The Coming Hunger

According to the United Nations a ‘silent tsunami’ of hunger is coming. Well, actually it is already here, we’ve been building up to it for a long time, and it won’t be silent. I’ve been predicting this for ten years … Continue reading

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Watching Boll, thinking of 'Nam

“It’s like we were in ‘Nam together,” Baker said to me after it was done, our faces set in stunned silence. “We can’t ever explain it to other people, but we’ll know.” That from Wired’s Chris Kohler, reviewing Uwe Boll’s … Continue reading

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I just got Rickrolled by a reader. Silly me clicks the link without looking… Guess I’ve hit the big time! And just so you all know, I’m never going to tell a lie and hurt you (but I have been … Continue reading

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Eulogy for Crewman Specialist Cally – updated

Umm, you know I don’t like to do these things, but this is for Cally and you know I have to do this. As I’m sure most of you know, I served in Air Maintenance Crew One with Cally for … Continue reading

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Fred likes the new shop

My vacuum cleaner was mad at me.  I hadn’t let Fred at the new shop until yesterday and it was so dirty that he was angrily zipping from place to place, doing spirals with the dirt light on.  The upstairs … Continue reading

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