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Battlestar Galactica is Back

Okay, here is an awesome Battlestar Galactica pic. One of my favourite shows is back on the 4th of April. As for who is the final model? I don’t think it’s Dualla or Gaeta or a supporting role like that. … Continue reading

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The End of the World Could Happen in France

Spot the human in this mass of particle detection machinery. This is what CERN has happening at the end of a 27km-round sub-atomic particle collider. Some think this vast machine might bring about the end of the world. Cool.

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Internet Traffic Control and Network Neutrality

I liked the article, but Ou is wrong on a couple of things. For starters, opening up lots of multiple upload streams is not ‘cheating’. It may be exploiting a design weakness in TCP, but this is a fair cry … Continue reading

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Aragorn Sketch

This is one heck of a pencil sketch: Based on a photo maybe, I dunno, but it really captures that intensity Viggo Mortensen brought to the role of Aragorn in the Lord of the Rings films. Though a scruffy Ranger, … Continue reading

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Superbad review

Superbad Directed by Greg Mottola; Written by Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg Seth and Evan have been best friends since they were seven and are basically inseparable. They aren’t exactly popular at school and hang around with Fogell, who is … Continue reading

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The Inquisition In Canada

I just finished reading some truly frightening stuff. To put it in context, start off with a recent CBC article which I think nicely sums up what is wrong with a lot of people these days: they are intolerant. We … Continue reading

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Digital Age Still a Great Mystery For Libraries

Here is a group of people who don’t get it. You may think to yourself, “What a great idea. Audio books should be available for download from the local libraries.” But upon closer examination, we find that every book is … Continue reading

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