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When Recycling Isn't

[part 2] An associate of mine stumbled across something that pissed him off. These shots were taken at the back of Swanpack Stratford Ewaste, a sometime e-waste recycler here in Stratford. Computer guys like me, and the public in general, … Continue reading

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Prince Harry, in the Thick Of It

It would seem that HRH Prince Harry of Wales has gotten his wish and is right in the thick of it, deployed with his regiment in the south of Afghanistan (the nasty part that keeps killing British and Canadian troops). … Continue reading

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Where did that compy go?

How about drywalling a cat into a wall? Now that’s funny! They only found it because it started howling. There is a legend amongst computer technicians about something similar. A big company is doing some remodelling and they’ve got the … Continue reading

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Microsoft + Advertising + Lego = Wrong

This is not a joke. This is really a multi-billion dollar company trying to entice you to buy its products with Lego-men-themed cartoon characters. You can tell this is pathetic corporate marketing shit because of the names. It’s not “Vista … Continue reading

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Gag the thinkers, we don't like surprises

Dan has set me on to a story which I’m sure will be largely ignored by the stupid BritneyObamaHillaryLindseyDubya World we live in these days, but this is bad, bad, bad. This is the Canadian government taking a page directly … Continue reading

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The New Shop

The “upstairs” used to be this crappy place where I stored my junk (well, and my bike, which is not junk). Now it is the shop. The foyer of the shop, just outside of the door. It is not quite … Continue reading

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How To Kill Adware and Spyware

Hi Mr Robert J. Young, I ran into your blog by accident while doing a google search of how to get rid of hidden files. I was wondering if you had some tips on how to get rid of annoying … Continue reading

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