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How Not To Pack A Hard Drive, part 2

In fit of utter incompetence, one of my suppliers decided to send me hard drives packaged like this. This box normally has 10 DVDRWs in it. A piece of shaped styrofoam identical to the one you see on the bottom … Continue reading

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Blind Carbon Copy

There are reasons why they invented it. I get an email solicitation from someone at the local bank telling me about some new product they are offering. Whatever. It’s not a phishing attempt, it’s actually a real email from a … Continue reading

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Rats Like Fast Food Too

I just stumbled across some wild footage of a Taco Bell that has apparently lost the battle with New York rats. Aren’t they so cute! Unsurprisingly, the locals don’t want to eat there any more. And people wonder why I … Continue reading

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Tatties and Neeps

I’ve been experimenting with the Rutabaga (also called turnip or swede depending on where you live) to see if it is something I want to grow in my garden next year. Some may yawn at the thought of eating the … Continue reading

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Denying Climate Change, part 2

refer to the original comment here My interest in climate change came about one hot summer day when I was looking at downtown Toronto from a hotel window. One thing that struck me was just how bad the air pollution … Continue reading

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How To Lose Customers The B2B Way

I knew that the book industry was messed up, but I didn’t realize how bad it was until I read this blatant extortion letter an Australian book selling chain sent to it’s smaller publishers. What they didn’t count on was … Continue reading

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This is the back of a modern DVDRW drive from LG. Notice something odd? That’s right, no ugly PATA connector or Molex connector. You don’t know the kind of joy I feel to have finally banished those ugly, flat parallel … Continue reading

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