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Your Server is Fscked

I had a little problem with an upgrade to the fileserver. Here is a very scary thing to get in your email from your computer: This is an automatically generated mail message from mdadm running on A Fail event … Continue reading

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PC vs Mac vs Linux

Everyone has probably seen those PC vs. Mac ads on that television thing I used to watch once. Novell’s take on the whole thing is even better. She might be a little work at first, but the payoff with Linux … Continue reading

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Windows Vista: Pretty, But Underwhelming, part 2

[part 1] Last time I discovered that installation isn’t too bad with Vista, but following the initial boot it became pretty clear to me the Vista Home Basic box really wasn’t up to the task. Good: Windows Experience Index The … Continue reading

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The Last Soldier

Purely by accident I’ve found an interesting article about the Canadian military (don’t ya just love deh Internetz for that).  With all the talk of Afghanistan these days, it’s easy to forget that Canada has other ongoing peacekeeping missions.  Take … Continue reading

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Leaving Las Vegas

As always when I go on vacation there is a heat wave. Low twenties is normal for this area of the world in March. I contemplate this while standing in the middle of a desert in a three-piece suit, roasting … Continue reading

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I hate air flight. Always have. Probably always will. But if I can endure it, I’ll be in Las Vegas by Sunday afternoon!!! I’ve got to be there for a wedding and my attendance is mandatory ’cause it’s my buddy … Continue reading

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Windows Vista: Pretty, But Underwhelming

Unlike your typical Internet journalist, I didn’t get a copy of Vista back in Novemeber. I got to check out the beta in the summer and thought to myself, “interesting”, then waited to January 30th like everyone else to actually … Continue reading

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