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Removing Virusburst

In the last few weeks we have seen at least half a dozen machines infected with a pernicious little piece of adware called Virusburst. It’s really annoying, almost as annoying as CoolWebSearch used to be. When a computer is infected … Continue reading

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Isohunt Down But Not Out

The various Big Media baddies in the U.S.A. have managed to shut down popular bittorrent search engine Isohunt by pressuring its Internet service provider. Now Isohunt must hastily relocate their servers to the real land of the free, or at … Continue reading

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How Often Should I Clean My Computer?

One of the most common questions we get asked at the shop is, “How often should I get my computer cleaned?” Another is, “Why should I clean my computer?” Physical cleaning is as important a maintenance activity to a computer … Continue reading

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iPhone: Apple Delivers Another Poor Product

I continue to be amazed that Apple does so well with such crappy products. The iPod, in particular, really astonishes me. Conventional wisdom would see a crappy device like the iPod flop badly what with its hefty price, surprising lack … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts on 2006, part 6

The Canadian of the Year: Cindy Klassen There is a tendency in Canada for people to think of intellectuals as “The Canadian of the Year” but as of late the nation’s great thinkers have been coming up short. If Michael … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts on 2006, part 5

The Event of the Year: The Winter Olympic Games at Torino For a little while there, many people around of the world got to relieve their frustrations vicariously through their nations’ best athletes. If all it took to keep the … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts on 2006, part 4

Person of the Year: George W. Bush I know what you’re thinking, but being person of the year doesn’t necessarily have to be in a good way, now does it? I reckon that more Americans than ever before are embarrassed … Continue reading

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