Ubuntu… the Wine?

Ubuntu ShirazThat’s right FOSS lovers… not only can you enjoy Ubuntu Linux on your computer, you can enjoy it in your cup too! I saw the bottle at the local liquor store and couldn’t resist.

The brand offers four varieties of wine. The one I grabbed was the Shiraz and it turned out to be quite enjoyable.

From their website they state:

This full red wine’s bouquet suggests ripe berries overlaid with green pepper and spicy flavours. There is excellent follow through onto the palate where the peppery flavours dominate. The well-integrated ripe tannins make for easy accessibility.

This sums up the drop nicely. As wine goes it has a fair bit of alcohol in it — 14 percent by volume — but as with most red wines this doesn’t mean anything other than it’s little boozier than your regular vin de table. It’s dry, but not as stiff and chewy as some Shiraz I’ve had. It’s peppery for sure, but there is also a slight fruitiness to it, in both the bouquet and the palette. I couldn’t pin that part of it down completely, but in my opinion it’s not a good red if it doesn’t keep you guessing.

All in all, Ubuntu is a really easy wine to enjoy, even if you don’t drink red very often, and it’s a good representative of the Shiraz flavour.

Like Ubuntu the Linux, Ubuntu the wine is also a quality product from South Africa and is distributed by KWV International.

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  1. So, is it free as in Beer? or should that be free as in wine? now I’m all confused…

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