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Ubuntu… the Wine?

That’s right FOSS lovers… not only can you enjoy Ubuntu Linux on your computer, you can enjoy it in your cup too! I saw the bottle at the local liquor store and couldn’t resist. The brand offers four varieties of … Continue reading

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How Big is Blizzard?

While looking for something completely different, I stumbled some data about a question that has been  at the back of my cluttered mind for a while.  How big is Blizzard Entertainment?  Not in terms of staff (their website says they … Continue reading

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Winter Sunset

A winter sunset, as seen from the back of my shop. The picture was taken a few weeks ago. Not a great picture, but not bad for being shot on the little 1.3Mpx camera in my cellphone.

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The Attack of the Killer Power Supply

The computer had been admitted to the shop with frequent reboots and failures to start. Once in the shop, it booted fine and everything seemed normal at first. Then the crashing began. For an Athlon XP board that usually means … Continue reading

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Yearly Beats From the Phone Book Company

Today was my yearly beating from the Yellow Pages company. This happens every year. One of the many indignities of running a small business is dealing with people who have you by the short-and-curlies. You can’t not advertise in the … Continue reading

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Battlestar Galactica Season Three Gag Reel

If you are a Battlestar Galactica fan (like me!) check out the Season Three gag reel.  Hilarious!

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The Kitten Post

the kittens are shreding my furniture right in front of me those bastards but they are so cute ph34r the cuteness

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