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P.C. Gwen Cooper is providing security around the scene of another brutal murder in downtown Cardiff. Suddenly everyone is sent away from the scene and an ominous black SUV pulls up. She’s told it’s Torchwood, some kind of “special ops” … Continue reading

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I'll Remember You Pluto

I’m still a little bit sore over Pluto, too. Pluto and Charon were a unique pair of planets in our solar system before they got, uhhh… demoted.  I’m not entirely sure what to tell my kids when they start reading … Continue reading

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DRM and Vista

I just finished reading an interesting paper about DRM in Windows Vista, Microsoft’s next OS. And you think your computer doesn’t do what you want it to now? I well expect to be spending the next few years of my … Continue reading

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Why I Might Not Answer the Phone

If I don’t answer the phone at first, how likely is it that I will answer it one minute later, three minutes later, seven minutes later, ten minutes later or thirteen minutes later? Ladies and gentlemen, let me be the … Continue reading

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The Hottest Pepper

I have found it! I could never remember the name and mostly forgot about it, but now I have stumbled upon it again, purely by accident: the hottest hot pepper in the world. At up to a million and a … Continue reading

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AVG 7.1 To Be Retired

A number of FCP home customers are using Grisoft’s AVG Free Edition as an anti-virus solution. We like it because it is free, but also because it’s small and fast. If you are using version 7.1, the software is probably … Continue reading

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Rackmount Build

This strange looking thing is a 2U rackmount chassis by Antec. Compared to other computers, it’s dimensions are very odd. The “U” in 2U is part of a specification for high density computing. The idea is that you can stack … Continue reading

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