GeForce 7950 GX2: Twice the Big

This is a nVidia GeForce 7950 GX2 graphics card.
A XFX 7950GX2

It has two GPUs on two PCBs and takes up two slots on your mainboard. It has one gigabyte of memory. And if you feel like spending even more money you can get a second one to make yourself an SLI, two gigabyte, quad-GPU über card.

Stratford is a small town and while there are plenty of gamers around, there just aren’t all that many who have $700 to drop on a single graphics card. So when I get to build a system around one of these I get excited and take pictures. Y’know, to help you imagine what it would be like have something awesome like this in your own computer. To help me imagine, too. I can’t afford stuff like this. But you just know I’m going to have to test it…

There are those who game and those who game well.

The system core with 7950GX2

The core of the system. The CPU is an Intel Core 2 Duo E6600. SLI wasn’t asked for, but with a graphics card like this why would you bother?

Closeup of the installed card

The pair of heatsink fans are whisper quiet at the idle and not all that much louder under load. A warm draft comes off them at all times.

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2 Responses to GeForce 7950 GX2: Twice the Big

  1. Jordan Burkhart says:

    Big beast of a thing. I can’t remember, does it support/implement DX10 features (for when Vista come out)? Because if not, it kind of seems like a waste to buy such a highend card just before DX10. Meh, it’ll still makes the games look really nice with great FPS.

  2. cobolhacker says:

    I think this card is going to be used for a lot of twitch. It’s future owner is likely after really high FPS at really high resolutions, with decent enough graphics. If he was looking for the finest graphics quality, he would have ordered the ATI 1900XTX instead (unless he was a WoW player :).

    I don’t think any current nVidia card natively supports DirectX 10. The upcoming G80 GPU apparently does, but I don’t think any cards are built around it yet. As for ATI cards, I don’t know.

    Who would want to run Vista anyway?

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