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More Diet Coke and Mentos

Anyone can do a Diet Coke and Mentos movie. But not everyone can do it as well as these guys. If you liked Experiment #137, you’ll love this one. Like Revver, Google is sharing some of the advert revenue with … Continue reading

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Is it possible to erase a hard drive with magnets?

The little, curved, shiny things are “hard drive magnets”, a metal bracket with Neodynium magnets attached. They are the strong, rare-earth permanent magnets that form half of the motor that moves the read-write head quickly across the surface of a … Continue reading

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Protecting Canada From Bad Copyright Law: A Letter to My MP, part 3

A little while ago I sent a letter to the Honourable Gary Schellenberger, my member of parliament, urging care in the process of upgrading the Copyright Act. He’s chair of the Standing Committe on Canadian Heritage, so I figured if … Continue reading

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I Lost My Sanity to vgasave

Yet another machine comes into the office all messed up with viruses and spyware. Well, so what else is new? The bugs die pretty easily, but while debugging the poor compy I notice that the graphics are really doggy, which … Continue reading

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GeForce 7950 GX2: Twice the Big

This is a nVidia GeForce 7950 GX2 graphics card. It has two GPUs on two PCBs and takes up two slots on your mainboard. It has one gigabyte of memory. And if you feel like spending even more money you … Continue reading

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Garth Turner: Fired for Blogging

People have been fired for blogging before. But I can’t think of any politician who has been shown the door because of his blog. Not exactly fired in the vocational sense, Garth Turner was kicked out of the Conservative Party … Continue reading

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Ok. Here’s the best, most cynical post about American life ever. Poster Catbeller offers a scathing comment about a particularly sad story on Slashdot: And after they’re eighteen, they can pass through the body scanners, look into retinal pattern id … Continue reading

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