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How to make your programmers happy

Although this interesting post is about programming, you don’t have to be a programmer to read it and understand why companies like Google are able to extract so much good work from their people.  Almost as an aside, the post … Continue reading

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Protecting Canada From Bad Copyright Law: A Letter to My MP, part 2

The Honourable Mr. Schellenberger, Dear Sir, Thank you for taking the time to read my recent letter to you. I don’t try to engage the government all that often, so I’m delighted to know that someone on the other end … Continue reading

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Soldiers in the Grass

I don’t think you would ever see such a picture come out of the U.S. Military. Only the Canadian Forces would publish a picture of our lads hiding out in a patch of marijuana. Ok, maybe the Dutch. from the … Continue reading

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It’s OneWebDay today! As a blogger, I had hoped to think up something interesting, or even just witty to write, but the great thoughts have so far eluded me today. Sorry Michael 😦 I will say, however, I’m damned grateful … Continue reading

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Small Steps In Programming

I have often wondered how you get children into computer programming these days. This article by author David Brin appealed to me somewhat because he articulates in it what I’ve thought for a long while: programming used to be educational … Continue reading

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Arrr matey!

OH SNAP!  It’s Talk Like a Pirate Day! ohh I can’t resist… I must share the sickness!

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A random picture of me

“You should post more pictures of yourself.” Meh. I’m no celebrity blogger and I’m only a little bit vain. So meh. But here’s one! The Toronto Festival of Beer, summer 2005. That’s the missus and I, plus our very good … Continue reading

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