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How Great is the Threat?

I stumbled across an interesting Q&A with Adam Curtis, producer of Power of Nightmares, a BBC documentary from 2004 which questions the notion that al-Qaeda is really the great threat governments make it out to be. I haven’t seen the … Continue reading

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Filthy Comps on the Web

Hey!  There are other people out there as interested with computer dirt as I am! I still think my last big cleaning job has them beat.

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Making Money Off of Free Books

I’ve just been directed to an interesting commentary, on an interesting website, written in the year 2000 by sci-fi author Eric Flint. In it, he introduces the Baen Free Library, a decent collection of complete, free, un-protected science fiction novels … Continue reading

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What is a Planet?

Poor Pluto just got demoted! Today’s vote by the International Astronomers Union has just redefined what a planet is and under the new guidelines, poor Pluto gets the boot. It will now be known as a “dwarf planet”. The ruling … Continue reading

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Don't Download This Song

If you don’t read Slashdot or BoingBoing, you might have missed out on Weird Al’s newest release: Don’t Download This Song! It’s a sly little number, critical of the RIAA’s current tactics which is interesting as Yankovic, unsurprisingly, isn’t a … Continue reading

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The Decline of the West

Even if you don’t like reading long op-ed pieces read this one. It is a solid rant on the decline of Western civilisation and its demographic conversion to Islam. Don’t get me wrong, Mark Steyn on the whole strikes me … Continue reading

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the three swimmers

Even the hardest athletes can still find time to make funny faces. image borrowed from the CBC.

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