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Filth Again

The filth inside computers continues to fascinate me. I’m amazed they ingest all of the crap that they do. Anyway, here’s some pictures of an impressively filthy computer, one that required a trip outside for it’s cleaning. And for those … Continue reading

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how far you can go on your own talent

Here is a great quote from a great interview with former athlete Dick Pound, who leads the international fight against doping in sports. I don’t want my grandchildren to have to become chemical stockpiles in order to be good at … Continue reading

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Ugly Graphics Card Fan Hack

MSI makes okay graphics cards, but sometimes they don’t use standard VGA cooling solutions. Fancy performance cards like their Geforce 4200 models all use custom heat sinks which cover both GPU and the DRAM chips. I have a system with … Continue reading

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The Future of Computing

I’ve finished reading through an interesting overview of the future of computing. Like Coverfire, I also found the CPU comment in the article a bit off. In the long term it makes little sense to burden CPU with DVD playback … Continue reading

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Canada in 2020

I’ve just discovered an interesting site which tries to figure out what Canada will be like in the year 2020 and what we need to do to get there. Good to see that someone is thinking about these things because … Continue reading

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The Leather Notebook

I noticed a curious new product while reviewing mainboards on the Asus website: a notebook covered with leather. You can even get a leather-clad mouse to go with it. Obviously it’s being marketed as a handcrafted-by-the-hands-of-a-master kind of lifestyle product … Continue reading

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being the bitch, the microsoft way

Paul Thurrott has managed to get bit by the WGA. I feel for him. Microsoft once accused me of being a pirate, too. It angered me enough that I switched my desktop over to Fedora Core Linux and haven’t looked … Continue reading

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