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5000 dollars of RAM

This is what five thousand dollars of SDRAM looks like… if it was early in the year 2000. Now it’s only worth a few hundred or so. Advertisements

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What's it like living in Iraq?

One of the blogs I’ve been reading lately is Baghdad Burning. If you have ever wanted to know what it is like to live in Iraq day to day, read this. Riverbend writes it well and pulls no punches. She … Continue reading

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How to Get Rid of WGA Notifications

Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications (WGA Notify) is an annoying upgrade to the Windows Genuine Advantage system Microsoft uses to deal with bootlegged copies of Windows XP. If you boot up your machine one day and see the message: You may … Continue reading

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The List of Shame

I just saw an ad on a website linking to this. It had salacious sounding wording like “see who’s on the list” or something like that. While not illegal, inclusion on this very public list would be ruinous to a … Continue reading

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Net Neutrality

I have just found a straightforward video explanation of net neutrality over at Public Knowledge. I think one could use it to nicely explain the complicated issue to those not so familiar. Network neutrality is a very serious problem, not … Continue reading

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Downloading is hard time for Americans

Don’t you just love the U.S. Congress? Bought and paid for by the MPAA… Nevermind the RIAA music trading lawsuits, I want to see what Americans think of their government when they start sending teenagers to jail for downloading the … Continue reading

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i am 8 bit

Like many things, old video games are hip again. They’ve never not been hip as far as i am concerned, but what do I know? If you are in the Los Angeles area in the next month you can check … Continue reading

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