My Big, Bad Battlestar Galactica Post, part 5

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I offer my wacky predictions for the third season.

The Cylons Will Be Nice

But only to a point. I totally agree with all of the Vichy France rumours floating around. A outwardly pleasant, yet evil occupying army is a logical direction for Battlestar Galactica story to head. The Cylons will tell the people of New Caprica the same as they did Baltar: do not resist, and you won’t be harmed. They will take care of the colonists, as long as the stay quiet and don’t complain about the odd person taken away for testing and interrogation. The Colonials will accept their new rulers gratefully, though uneasily at first, but slowly and surely they will realise the true horror of their position. A resistance will form.

Anders and Starbuck Will Lead The Resistance

Anders and Starbuck will reunite the Buckaneers and lead the resistance against the Cylons. No tactic will be beneath them and they will use bombs, snipers, and plain old backstabbing to strike out against their enemies. They will be so brutal, in fact, that many of the regular Colonial people will be afraid of them.

Starbuck Will Cut Her Hair

I like the hair, but it’s gonna go. It’s so much easier to kick ass without all of the blonde tresses getting in the way.

Anders Will Die

Unfortunately, Anders is really going to fight them until he can’t. He dies fighting, in a hail of bullets, weapon in hand. Powerless to help him, Starbuck will watch him die. Then she’ll get really angry.

Leoben Seeks Starbuck

Inspired by her mercy in Flesh and Bone (admittedly after having tortured him for a while), a resurrected Leoben believes he has found true love. Not realising that she has married, he has come to New Caprica to ask her to come away with him so they might be together and have children.

Baltar is Going to Get Kicked Out of Office

Baltar’s only real option at the beginning of season three is to collude with the Cylons. But by the end of the season, Baltar will be impeached by the Quorum because he sucks as a leader. Roslin will be appointed as the President in his place. No one will complain. Her first act will be to pardon him and tell him to never cross her again.

Helo Will Move On

Helo is going to find a new girl this season who isn’t a Cylon. I’m not sure how or why, but Helo’s getting a new one. He’s finally going to get over Sharon. Unfortunately, Sharon still isn’t over him.

Cally Will Continue to Suffer

Cally will continue to be one of saddest supporting characters on television.

She only signed on to the Colonial Fleet to pay for her schooling as a dentist. Just prior to the Cylon attack her service was nearly complete and she was about to be honourably discharged from the military to pursue her career in dentistry. Guess that isn’t happening now. In Bastille Day she narrowly avoided getting raped only to get shot instead. In Kobol’s Last Gleaming, she is forced into the role of a combat soldier, and watches some of her crewmates die. While on Kobol, she is nearly executed by Crashdown for refusing to carry out his suicidal attack order. She has a front-row seat as Dr. Baltar blows him away. In Resistance, she takes out her anger on the BSG Sharon and kills her. In Lay Down Your Burdens she is savagely beaten by Tyrol after rousing him from a violent dream.

So in keeping with this fine tradition of suffering, she’s going to lose her baby. We feel really bad for poor Cally, but such is her lot.

Enough guessing for now. Here’s a cool picture from season one of Helo and Boomer striking a pose.
Helo and Sharon

As it turns out, there is more.

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3 Responses to My Big, Bad Battlestar Galactica Post, part 5

  1. Jordan Burkhart says:

    I just finished the series. It was awesome. Heh. What would be really cool is if the fleet found Earth and came back with reiforcements to liberate New Caprica. This would most likely involve new technologically advanced ships and weapon systems.

    You’re right about Anders. Starbuck will get back in the cockpit and meet some guy who’s just as good as her at flying. She’ll hate him at first, but then fall in love with him after they save eachothers lives.

    Cally will probably lose the baby to the Cylons. She will be enraged and carry out a significant attack against the Cylons which paves the way for the resistance.

  2. Draco says:

    What about the original series? You keep talking about the new people but what about the one made back in the ’60’s? What, are you too good enough for that? Huh?

  3. cobolhacker says:

    Whoa… easy tiger. I watched the original series too. It’s one of the shows that got me into sci-fi in the first place. But the original series is long over; long live the new series. There’s nothing more to write about the original series. These posts were only meant to cover the current Battlestar Galactica series.

    I know Dirk Benedict and some of the old-school fans aren’t down with the new show, but I figure if Richard Hatch is willing to move on then it’s all good. In fact, I think I like him better as Tom Zerek.

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