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Blogs Not Dead, Only Some Are

I read a good article today from the WSJ linked off by the venerable slash-monster. It provides a concise answer why blogs are not going to go away like many in the traditional media think (hope) they will. Author Jason … Continue reading

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the replacement me

i woke up the other day and i felt different. have you ever had a day when you didn’t feel like you? i’ve had a week of this and it’s starting to weird me out. can’t quite put my finger … Continue reading

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Olympic Computer Repair

I have a machine in the shop that needs a new mainboard. I happen to have exactly the right kind in stock. Feeling in the Olympic spirit, I decided to see just how fast I could reboard this machine and … Continue reading

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You Lose Some and You Win Some

I was catching up on some of the amusing navel gazing over Canada’s apparently unexpected loss in Olympic Hockey. Some of the people I know look like they just watched their dog get run over by a truck. I’m not … Continue reading

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Data Critical

Even I have moments of extreme incompetence. Not an easy thing for me to admit, since I like to think I’m one of the best desktop computer technicians on the planet. Certainly in the top few percent. But even I … Continue reading

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The Expensive Inverter

This is the inverter for an Acer Aspire 1400 laptop computer. Its purpose is to make the little fluorescent backlight in the laptop’s LCD display light up. This part probably cost less than two bucks to make. Since Acer doesn’t … Continue reading

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Socket A

This is a what a 462-pin PGA socket (for an Athlon CPU) looks like when it is removed from its mainboard. It’s always a challenge to try to make my old 2 megapixel camera take passable microphotographs, especially given the … Continue reading

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