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Kittens are cute

Ph34r the cuteness. Advertisements

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the fair idea

There is a big difference between coming up with an idea and making it happen. Sadly, the emphasis today on intellectual property is beginning to rob the technology industry of the will to actually make real things and do real … Continue reading

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I ordered a wattmeter for the shop and it just arrived. Let the fun begin! Basically a voltmeter and ammeter rolled together, a wattmeter will tell you just how much electricity a device is using. This is a useful capability … Continue reading

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Where the nice suits come from

Have you even wondered where a really great suit comes from and who makes it? I’m not talking about the simple, ready to wear stuff you get at the mall, I’m talking about a four thousand dollar hand made suit … Continue reading

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Morning at the Computer Shop

Imagine if you had slept on the floor in my shop. This is what your morning would have looked like when I got in. It’ll be a good day… the pile isn’t as big as it could be.

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Burns Day

It’s easy to forget that it is Robert Burns day. My grandpa would remind me of such if he were alive today. Even if you have never picked up a collection of Burns verse you’ll know of his work. He … Continue reading

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Wikipedia honours Starcraft

Starcraft is the article of the day over at Wikipedia. I still play this game online, even though it is really old. Believe it or not, hundreds of thousands of people still do.

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