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Genuine Disadvantage

In an effort to really annoy their customers, Microsoft has introduced something called The Microsoft Genuine Advantage. You may have noticed it asking you to undergo “Validation” when you visit to download certain things. Validate? Sounds like some sketchy … Continue reading

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Fried Drive

I’ll give you three guesses as to why this hard disk drive no longer functions 🙂

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Ever wondered why Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc. has so much IPv4 address space? IBM controls one class-A allocation (9. ) . Xerox has one (13. ). AT&T has one (12. ). BCE has one (47. ). These are all … Continue reading

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I broke my wiki-cherry and made an edit to a Wikipedia article. Although I’ve felt the pull for some time, I have been carefully avoiding it because it’s not as if I need another Internet-related pastime. One day, while looking … Continue reading

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Cool New Google Maps Feature

Oooo. I just noticed that Google Maps added a new “hybrid” feature, similar to MSN Virtual Earth, only Google seems to have better photos. So very cool.

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Open Source Beer

You just know it’s a gimmick, but there is now an open-source beer. Open-source you say? How could this be? As the CBC reports, the recipe for Vores Øl is available in it’s entirety under a Creative Commons licence. Although … Continue reading

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There is no holy war here

What with all the nasty goings on in the World, it is easy to forget that most Muslims want nothing to do with the jihadists. I doubt my anger about it helps much. It also doesn’t help that newscasters are … Continue reading

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