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The Amazing 27th Season of Doctor Who, part 1

What a great season it was! Russell T. Davies, himself a long time fan, took the old series, dusted it off, spruced it up a bit and proceeded to deliver one of the best science fiction shows in years. It’s … Continue reading

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Corporate Customer Service, Not So Bad

So I had this customer with broken Internet. The Internet Service Provider (a fairly big ISP) told her the computer was messed up and that she should bring it into a professional. Okay fine, this a pretty honest admission for … Continue reading

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How Many Useless Kitchen Gadgets Do You Have?

I’ll bet there is actually some truth to this hysterical article from the Onion. Mind you, I would probably have to sneak into China to find out.

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FanFic for Doctor Who!

While looking for something else, I stumbled upon a massive Fan Fiction site for Doctor Who! Fantastic! It has stuff from every season, including lots of entries for Paul McGann, who I’ve never even seen! It also has a few … Continue reading

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Ripping On Free Software

So you’ve got the CEO of Opera weakly slagging Firefox, and it’s pitiful. You wanna see the real thing? Nobody can lay the beats like Theo can. That man has a hate for Linux and the GPL worse than Gates … Continue reading

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Fedora Core 4: Surprisingly Good

I haven’t done a Fedora Core install since version 2 and I was a little bit curious to try it. I had a customer drop off a laptop who wanted to make the switch to Linux so I said, “why … Continue reading

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im sorry about your hangover

heh. you get a bunch of folks from the old country and the new country together at the boozer. . . always a good time. one of the things we folks from the commonwealth know how to do is drink. … Continue reading

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