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Vintage Cobolhacker: The Starshot

I wrote this around 1996. I uncovered this writing from a backup recently, and I present it here for your enjoyment. The reference to the International Space Station dates it. The ISS hadn’t launched yet — the first module didn’t … Continue reading

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I hate Madden too…

The first time we hear the word “patch” in relation to a PS3 or XBox 360 game, we’re taking the console back to the store. Filled with our shit. But surely the console industry, always more business savvy than their … Continue reading

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70 Percent Have No Defence

You learn something new every day. From this article (gleaned from Slash, of course), I learned a startling fact about computer security. Author David Sheets tells us: We rely on alarms and fences to minimise threats to our physical selves, … Continue reading

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Nuke Simulator

Enjoy the nuke simulator. Check out how much of D.C. gets vaped by a 4 megaton warhead. Notice that New York is not available as a target. I guess they figured it was in bad taste.

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Adware in the Hardware

I recently encountered a truly evil adware system I’d never seen before. Installing an older machine with Windows 98, I was surprised, upon the initial boot, to see a screen politely offering to sign me up to a service called … Continue reading

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Darth Side

The Darth Side is a humorous, but brilliantly written take on Darth Vader. In fact, I think it’s better than anything that Lucas has ever written. I don’t read all that many humour blogs, but this one had me glued. … Continue reading

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Lies About Damage From Piracy

The Business Software Alliance, an American trade group that combats software piracy, says that software piracy has cost the global software industry 33 billion dollars in 2004. And what’s worse, they say, that number could climb to 200 billion dollars … Continue reading

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