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More Baby Stuff

I’ve been sort of busy. I’ll share another cute photograph before I move on to something different. Enjoy! Advertisements

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It's a Baby!

A boy actually, born surgically at around 6:30 in the morning at the Stratford General Hospital! Unable to wait for his scheduled appointment at 9:30, Wilhem Edward began day zero as happy and relaxed as one could imagine. He’s healthy … Continue reading

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why is it hard to write new movies?

There is apparently a sequel to the dreadful TripleX. This silly film worked not because of the story, which was painfully dumb, but because Vin Diesel has a hell of a personality. Even though Vin Diesel wisely said “no” to … Continue reading

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the virtuous job

i had a conversation with a customer recently about the usual things, computer related stuff, etcetera. waiting for some install to finish, it somehow got on to the subject of job virtue. his job is to help heal people. he … Continue reading

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It’s April Twentieth! And you know what that means!

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Gomery and the Inner Monkey

Politics these days just brings out the inner monkey in people. You pick any issue and I guarantee that there will be Liberals and Conservatives there throwing shit at each other. But after a while, you just get tired of … Continue reading

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you've got spyware

I absolutely hate spyware. I hate it more when I have to clean it from my own machines. grrrr!! The horrid thing has just pooed a whole bunch of it’s filthy shit into my system32 directory. Right while I was … Continue reading

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