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I like academics less by the day

Why is it when something new and interesting develops, it is the scientists and academics who try so hard to debunk and denounce it? The president-elect of the American Library Association apparently doesn’t like bloggers, maybe because some them called … Continue reading

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a problem faced by free open source

I believe that open-source will ultimately save the computer industry from itself. But there is much work to do. Although most serious open source developers understand that to win the software market they need to convince the layman to use … Continue reading

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You'll Do Anything To Protect Your Kids

From the absolutely-stupid-junk-mail-dept. Of all the images that they could have picked for this ill-advised campaign, they pick an image of a textbook. Heaven forbid that your children ever want to study anatomy and become doctors, huh? Do you know … Continue reading

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Modern Drunkard Magazine

God, I have this fantastic craving for a beer! Easily solved, as there is beer in my fridge. Having a beer after a hard day of hacking on comps is the best thing ever. I sincerely hope they don’t make … Continue reading

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George W. Bush + Weed

Don’t you just hate it when you are having a frank conversation with an old friend and he’s secretly taping you and then the tapes leak when you become a big shot? Notice how Douglas Wead (now there’s a name) … Continue reading

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little bit bollocksed

looks like something is a little bit bollocksed at After I put in an upgrade to WordPress things got a little crazy. For some reason if you visited the site would render all funny. But visiting the reading

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Steps To Make Your XP Box Not Suck

Here are ten simple steps I use to help make Windows XP machines not suck quite as hard. One. Turn off System Restore. The thing doesn’t work half the time and it slows down your machine. Very rarely does System … Continue reading

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