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Washed Away

Can you imagine having your home washed away by the sea? I can’t. I don’t know what I would do if my house were destroyed. I guess I would try to convince my friends or family to let me stay … Continue reading

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The $100 PC

You’ve got Ballmer ranting on about how the market needs a $100 PC. I find this to be terribly laughable since a single OEM copy of Windows XP Home is worth about $90 U.S. — even large vendors like HP … Continue reading

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Cool Places To Go: Toporama

Looking for more interesting places to go on the net? Check out Toporama from the Canadian Ministry of Natural Resources. Toporama is an online portal for the National Topographic Data Base (NTDB). From this website you can browse and download … Continue reading

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Christmas Day

Though I have had lots of time to contemplate it, I am unable to write anything interesting today. My mind is so clouded with Christmas, merriment, visiting relations and turkey supplied Tryptophan that this is best I can do. Happy … Continue reading

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Interesting Places To Go

People are always asking me, “where is a cool place to go on the Internet?” So I think I’ll start posting sites I’ve found which seem interesting, whenever I find them. There are lots of cool places to go — … Continue reading

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I’m one year older today. Yay me!

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The Media of the Future

This “documentary” I found linked from /. is well worth a look, even if you’re not a slashhead like me. I’ve often wondered what content aggregation could be like in 2014, especially now that a lot of our media sources … Continue reading

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