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Turkey Frying Tips

I’d never heard of deep-frying a turkey until about a week ago. Apparently it’s a big thing in some American States (southern ones, I’ll reckon). It’s also dangerous as hell, in part because it’s difficult to estimate the amount of … Continue reading

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How Fast Can Windows Get Hacked By Spyware

by visiting a single website Edelman was able to get a machine infected with no less than 16 adware programs. Continue reading

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Reliving the Nostalgia

PC’s have been powerful enough for some time now to entirely emulate the hardware of simpler machines like the C64. Continue reading

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The Nice Thing To Do

I was hacking away on Saturday when I got a phone call from someone who was having problems making his laptop to work with a projector. Something about a wedding. I’m so glad I found somebody around today, I’m really … Continue reading

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Notes on the Successful LANbash

Throwing a network gaming party is becoming a popular sport these days. The LAN Party or LAN Bash, as it is called, is a way for some friends to relax, drink some booze, and play video games. Continue reading

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Ole Fashioned Chip Fry

This is what an Palomino Athlon XP 2000+ looks like after it has seriously fried itself. Mmmm. . . toasty CPU goodness. Don’t forget the heat paste!

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I’m working away on a new system, an Athlon 64, and I hear this high-pitched whistling noise, almost like singing. The computer has been working hard for a while installing it’s OS, but the this new noise is not right, … Continue reading

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