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Dremmel Pumpkin Kit

Check out the Dremel Pumpkin carving kit. Heh. Me, I use a Henckels pearing knife so fiendishly sharp it can slice a tissue in half. Gotta check their site out too, it’s a hoot. Either way, Halloween just wouldn’t be … Continue reading

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A Good Mod Makes An Old Case Better

You get a certain amount of satisfaction with modin’ something to make it better. One of my favourite cases from years back is the In-Win A500. A classic, good looking ATX 1.0 case, the A500 was used to build hundreds … Continue reading

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Government Websites

Ever checked out government websites? It’s actually quite interesting. Given how silly politicians can be these days, it is pleasantly surprising to find there are some governments out there that really grok how to use the web. This can be … Continue reading

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The Sexy Power Supply

Like cars, style has now snuck into every aspect of computer construction. Check this sexy thing out. Not only does it look nice, with it’s sassy blue light, but it is absolutely quiet. Now all I have to do is … Continue reading

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Oops… Spam!

Silly me. I forgot to turn on the “Approve Comment” setting in WordPress and a spam robot figured out how to use the comment feature of the FCP blog. Within an hour it had already posted around two hundred advertisements … Continue reading

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Blame The Computer

So I’m watching the morning news while I wait for my bagel to toast and a segment on Saturday Night Live comes on. Cool. Didn’t even realize the show was still on. They had some technical difficulties over the weekend … Continue reading

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D&D is Thirty

Wow. Dungeons and Dragons turns thirty today. This makes me feel old, though not as old as some must feel (hey Ed!) D&D was an unmistakable influence on my life, as it was for millions of other people around the … Continue reading

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